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Murphy represents a revolution, as we are talking about a voice-activated mini-drone that can turn on its own and manage your home. Murphy is able to recognize and interact with people. Murphy is part of the "Age of Experience" philosophy which aims to transform the way we take care of ourselves and our family, to personalize our homes and meet individual needs.

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Imagine a little friend around

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A small robot that thanks to artificial intelligence is able to control appliances and connected accesses, find solutions or call in case of problems. Murphy silently helps to adjust some IoTs, such as curtains, lights, starting a vacuum cleaner, and turning on the TV. Murphy also features AI functionality to act as a fitness assistant and help users to stay fit.

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3 in 1

Designed for simple usability

Type X

Murphy's body has the function of filming, charging the battery and checking the wing. Detects the type of wing connected and optimizes the camera and sensor in its mode. Type X can tilt the direction and change the speed by controlling the motor.

Type O

Murphy's front-facing camera moves vertically to respond to the context of the user. You can take photos and videos using the mobile app. Type O uses wheels with a high friction force material to operate in various environments.

Type H

The front camera and the lower sensor detects the position and obstacles; in this way Murphy manages to avoid the collision and sends the position and the image to the mobile app. Type H hull makes user control like a sailboat.

Interaction and more

Murphy is made up of 3 types of switchable wing and 1 body. Murphy can play an interaction with smart home equipment; reminder for its owner, detection of falls for the elderly, an additional entertainment function for pets in the absence of their owner and sending videos of what is happening at home.

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Murphy History


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Start mr.ideas
Four Aerospace Students

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Rome Drone
Murphy Project Presentation

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Droni Mostra
Prototype Design Presentation

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Ulule Campaign
Ulule Crowdfunding Campaign

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MakerFaire Rome
Voice Controlled Murphy

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Go Prototype
Murphy Prototype Production

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Security Features
Home Security Features

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ioT Devices
Alexa Google Interactions

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Update Version
Design Face Recognition

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Pets Features
Pets Function Interactions

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Google Startups
Murphy V 2.0 Study

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Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

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Murphy Production

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