how can we help elderly to live
a more self-determined life?

Murphy has a future-ready health monitoring and safety system that allows the elderly to live a self-determined life by recovering responsibility and control without compromising safety.

Empowered HelthCare


Nowadays, most senior monitoring products are designed to fit the families and caregivers needs, but totally forgets about the needs of the users, the elderly themselves.


It can play a central part in detecting slowly rising diseases like dementia, but also raises consciousness about their general health & ageing process and helps to act proactively to accept & prepare in high age.​​​​​​​


Murphy is a system, that transforms your home into an empathic living being, that guards and helps you in staying healthy, managing your illness, or just makes sure you have a safe everyday life.

AI-assisted healthcare

While the system is tracking health data, informing & supporting the user, the user has full control over what behaviour and level of alertness the AI should have. To avoid misjudging, the AI will also suggest higher safety settings if needed, due to the users current health or living situation.

A helpful character

Murphy helps family or the rescue team to get to the patient in an emergency case. Murphy was made for people who are in need of intensive healthcare or just want to have the companion with them wherever they go. It has a built-in emergency function and can communicate with the user.

I want to have control

digital health profile

Murphy is driven by artificial intelligence, this means the user is in full control of his/her own monitoring. Through wireless signal technology. Murphy can track people through walls, detect falls and gestures and more.

The app helps you stay on track, manage your health data & examinations and provides configuration options for the device and settings for fine-tuning the character and behaviour of the AI.