AI Safety Service

Murphy comforts the users by detecting the danger with the camera user as he follows the operation and offers appropriate actions to get out of the situation. We also expect to reduce the crime rate by causing a sense of alertness for attackers and suppressing their criminal intent.



Families who return home and see themselves robbed of their personal belongings. Late-hour intrusions into homes to scare and rob any valuable item.


Scary environment and lack of sufficient security. CCTV cameras have blind spots and it is difficult for owners to notice where the dark spots are. People often feel vulnerable in situations where they have to go home alone in the dark without a solid means of protection or stay in houses isolated from the town.


Using drones as security, provides a sense of protection to the user by providing videos and real-time updates to the guardian connected via the application; the one-to-one patrol solves the problem of blind spots and facilitates the protection of users.


Users can check the surrounding and warning signs through the video shot by Murphy. Users can learn the distance between danger and themselves.

Murphy's adjacency shows that the user is protected and therefore causes a sense of alert and suppresses the intent of the attacker pirate. Murphy approaches and turns on the red light.

The current location is reported to the police and videos are sent to aid the investigation. Murphy activates the alarm and the light flashes. The application informs the guardian of the situation in real time.